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Spiral Ring with Garnet

Spiral Ring with Garnet

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This ring incorporates a delicate swirl of silver emanating out from a sparkling gemstone, before wrapping back on itself as it falls around the side of the band. The Spiral ring is dainty and elegant when worn alone; but this slender stacking ring is designed to nestle closely with one or more accompanying bands.

This sparkly garnet and sterling silver ring is handcrafted and made to order. Wear it by itself, or customize a stack of skinny bands and coordinating gemstone rings - the possibilities to mix and match are endless. 

Garnets have been used throughout history to adorn kings and nobility, from the pharaohs of Egypt to the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. Prized in Victorian jewelry, they were sometimes used in engagement rings to symbolize fidelity.
The name 'garnet' comes from the Greek word granatum, meaning pomegranate seed - evoking the tale of the pomegranate given to Persephone by Hades before she left his domain. Thus the stone is associated with lovers, fertility and feminine life force, and symbolizes a quick return to a separated love, or healing the broken bonds of love. A garnet stone is often gifted to a loved one before they embark on travel.

Garnet is the birthstone for January; it is also the gem for commemorating a 2nd wedding anniversary.


Inspiration: The "marvelous spiral" - spira mirabilis - the epitome of mathematics in nature. In geometry, a logarithmic spiral represents regular repeated growth. One of the wonders of the natural world is the way in which physics and mathematics leave their fingerprints so beautifully - as illustrated by the Golden Ratio spiral of sacred geometry. 

Materials: Sterling silver, natural garnet
Size: 2mm band; 3.5mm gem
Available in US sizes 4.5-10


The rings in the Entwined Collection fit together like a puzzle; wear them as a set, and mix and match with other rings depending on your mood and outfit.  Want to add a ring and create your own stack?  See more Entwined Collection.

This item is made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for fabrication.

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