Our Story

ar·ca·na /ärˈkānə/

  1. secrets or mysteries. "his knowledge of programming arcana is legendary"
  2. either of the two groups of cards in a tarot pack: the twenty-two trump cards (the major arcana ) and the fifty-six suit cards (the minor arcana ). plural noun: major arcana; plural noun: minor arcana

Arcana Metalwork creates ancient-inspired, modern design jewelry for strong independent women.  Our jewelry is made to inspire confidence and promote well-being in the person who wears it.  It is made for the woman who has worked hard to get where she is and deserves a little luxury for herself. 

All pieces are handcrafted in Seattle, Washington, and made to order with exquisite detail.  Because our founder is a little witchy herself, you'll find a little magic woven into each piece of jewelry as well - that's part of the "arcana" in our name.  We believe that all of us have to do our part to take care of this world we share, and so we are always moving towards greener and more eco-conscious processes in our shop.  Our designs are always made with recycled metals, and we offer ethically-sourced and lab-created gems upon request.

Arcana Metalwork was founded in 2007 by Seattle metalsmith Peggy Foy.  In 2011 we moved our operations into a beautiful location in Pioneer Square. To stay in the loop about studio open houses and other events, subscribe to our newsletter.