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Arcana Metalwork

Spinner Medallion with Dark Red Garnet

Spinner Medallion with Dark Red Garnet

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Kinetic jewelry and fidget toys are super fun! This pendant looks regal but has a little extra detail for you to find - the inner ring spins freely. This piece is a talisman for finding one's way, complete with a navigational compass for you to turn as you contemplate your path.

This is a sterling silver pendant with brass accents, and a sparkling dark red Garnet at the center. The silver is patterned with my signature texture, and the brass is hand-stamped and pierced. I gave this pendant a darkened patina and then lightly polished to its final finish.

All fabricated from raw materials with loving detail.

Spinner pendants include a sterling mesh chain that is patinated to match. These chains were specially selected for these pendants -- they needed something a little bit more substantial than my usual chains. These mesh chains are both visually striking and very tactile.
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