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Comfort-fit Ruby Ring

Comfort-fit Ruby Ring

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The classic design and simplicity of this ring make it the perfect selection for anyone who prefers a minimalist, low-profile aesthetic. With a rounded exterior (traditional for a wedding band) and matching rounded comfort-fit interior, the ring is accented by a single ruby nestled flush into the silver for just a touch of color.

This ring is ideal for anyone who is looking for something simple and beautiful that is understated and easy to wear. And, at just 3mm wide, another band can easily be worn comfortably alongside it, making it a great choice for wedding sets and commitment rings.

Glorious red ruby, known in ancient India as "king of precious stones", is an enduring favorite for jewelry. It is the same mineral as sapphire - corundum - which occurs naturally in all colors of the rainbow; but when corundum is red, it is called Ruby.

In addition to sapphire's traditional associations (nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness), ruby is also strongly associated with the life force energy of blood (due to its deep red color), leading to affinities of power, vigor, and youthful energy. In Medieval Europe, it was believed that rubies would impart health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. It is sometimes worn as an amulet of protection of home and family. With a Mohs hardness of 9, it is second only to diamond in hardness and durability, making ruby an excellent choice for daily wear.

Ruby is the July birthstone, as well as the gem for commemorating 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.


Materials: Sterling silver, ruby

Size: 3mm wide band, 1.75mm thick; 2mm gem.

Made to order, please allow 2 weeks for fabrication to your specifications.

Customize this ring with a different stone, or with no stone: send us a message with your request. Also available in gold; please inquire for a custom quote.

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